Samana Bhodhirak

Laung pho Thummachat

Samana Sangseen


Than Jan


Insight Into Santi Asoke Temple

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Amazing Person, Open Eyes with us to writer and thats absolutely true for the books always Popular.


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  • Buddhism with Open Eyes
  • You'll also find ideas in dharma to help and information in books that you may need. We would like you to know amazing person that they've a great experience in their life.Thats Aj.Marja-Leena Heikkilä-Horn ( Ph.D.) teaches Asian History and Religions at Mahidol University International College and has written several books in Finnish on Southeast Asian History and Cultures.


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  • Insight into Santi Asoke
  • We would like you to know amazing writer, they always practise dharma and help society there.Thats Aj.Rassamee Krisanamis ( M.A.) teaches Spanish at Faculty of Arts Chulalongkorn University and has translated several children's books from Spanish into Thai.-Mike Report-[ Spirit of Merit Team ]

  • Insight into Santi Asoke
  • Buddhism with Open Eyes by Marja-Leena Heikkila-Horn
  • Practicing Dharma Through Television by Samana Lakkhano
    ( Shi-Jing-Xiang ), Dr. Chueh and Prof. Cheng
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